A Listing of Places to Eat

The Midwest is often mocked for its lack of creativity in terms of food and top restaurants. Top chefs, on the other hand, are finding their niches in smaller cities like Cincinnati. The types of food served at a few of their top restaurants will be listed here, ranging from lobster at Daveed’s to fillet mignon at the Precinct to strip steak at Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse.

Every year, the city conducts a major judging of all of the restaurants in the Cincinnati tri-state area, compiling feedback from local diners, food writers, and food and restaurant experts. Then, based on their location, the type of food served, and the type of establishment, they produce a top ten list in different categories. If your restaurant is in the top ten overall restaurants, chances are good that business will be good and steady the following year, but expectations will be strong. This article will only cover the top five restaurants that were popular in 2008.

It is an authentic Italian restaurant that many people consider to be a nice place to go on a special occasion because the prices are a little high, but the quality of the food is as well. Daveed’s in Mount Adams, a young hip hillside neighbourhood that looks down on downtown Cincinnati and the Ohio River, is the number two restaurant on the list. It has a great eclectic and foreign menu with roasted pheasant, Maine lobster, and duck as main courses, all served with delicious, special sauces and side dishes. Since its inception, Daveed’s has consistently placed in the top ten.

The third restaurant on the list is Jean Ro, which is named after a great French chef who has owned many restaurants in the city. It’s a lovely Parisian bistro that serves a mix of French and dishes such as steak frites, duck breast, as well as a selection of vegetables and seafood. The atmosphere is vibrant, and you can feel as though you have been transported to a small-town in.